Alleged drug house boarded up after police responded 143 times in 2 years

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An alleged drug house in northeast Calgary has been boarded up, had its locks switched and a new fence erected around it after the Alberta Sheriffs obtained a court order against the owner.

In the two years between September 2018 and September 2020, Calgary police had been dispatched 143 times to the home at 1423 Child Avenue N.E.

Some of these calls were because of a stabbing, a home invasion, multiple fatal drug overdoses and noise complaints, according to Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN), a unit within the Alberta Sheriffs.

Police also retrieved stolen property from the house in December 2019 after obtaining a warrant to search the home.

The unit first began looking into the property in April 2020, after several community complaints about drug use, drug trafficking and other related criminal activity.

Earlier this month, on Dec. 11, the unit secured a community safety order against the person who owned and lived in the home.

"Law-abiding residents of this community should not have to tolerate this kind of activity that endangers their families. I applaud law enforcement for their decisive action in making this community safer," said Justice Minister Kaycee Madu in a written statement.

"SCAN investigations give authorities the ability to stop criminal activity that endangers law-abiding Albertans, and their work ensures appropriate legal consequences for property owners who permit criminal activity on their property."

That home is now for sale. By law, it must remain vacant during the next 90 days except for visits tied to viewing the property for sale.