Calgary Flames playoff anthems: Hockey fans show their team love through music

Playoff fever has hit Calgary and Flames fans are getting their finest red gear ready for tonight's big game.

The Flames fell 3-2 to the Ducks in California on Thursday but the boys are primed for a rematch tonight.

Loyal Flames fans show their support for the team in many ways — some wear their prized jerseys everywhere they go, some paint their faces, others grow beards, some ride around town with Flames flags flying from their cars.

Others, write songs.

Here are just a few Flames playoff anthems to help get the blood pumping through the playoffs.

'Til Your Luck Runs Out

Calgary real estate agent and aspiring musician Dan Saklofske recorded his first Flames anthem during the team's 2015 playoffs run. His song Arenas Can't Hold Us, based on the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song Can't Hold Us rached up more than 135,000 on YouTube. 

His latest tune 'Til Your Luck Runs Out, a cover of One Republic's Love Runs Outwas recorded just last week. Saklofske says the goal of this song was to capture the energy of the city. Do you think he succeeded?

Fire on the Sweater

This playoff anthem by Cian Resnik name-checks all of the Flames' power players and devotes his lyrics to rapping about their skills on the ice. In Fire on the Sweater, Resnik proclaims, "In '17 the greatest team we've ever seen, we gonna make some noise." 

Burn it Up

Burn it up is another Calgary Flames rap anthem, this one was uploaded by Brah Sports and tells fans "If you wanna see 'em win the cup, then turn it up."

Red Mile

Hip hop seems to be the genre of choice for Flames fans this season. Red Mile, by Clarke Lean, wants the people on Calgary's legendary avenue to throw their hands up and support their team. 

Can't Touch a Flame When it's Red Hot

Ok, so this last song may be over 30 years old, but it's worth watching just to get a glimpse of Lanny's glorious mustache lip-syncing to Can't Touch a Flame When it's Red Hot.

- Have you heard any Flames anthems we missed? Add them in the comments below.