Calgary Humane Society to re-open Monday after parvo virus outbreak

Calgary Humane Society reopens after parvo virus outbreak

The Calgary Humane Society plans to re-open on Monday after an outbreak of parvo virus forced it to shut down and to euthanize two dogs.

Shortly after, veterinarians at the human society — where some of the dogs were taken — noticed one dog was displaying symptoms of the disease.

Two dogs were tested and both came back positive for the disease. They were put down due to the advanced stage of the illness. 

A third dog later tested positive as well but the disease was found to be in the early stages and that animal is now being treated at an off-site clinic.

Monitoring other dogs

The remaining dogs continue to be monitored for signs of the disease.

The Calgary Humane Society was closed so staff could disinfect the facility and the animal adoption area is expected to re-open Monday.

Parvo virus is considered a serious disease for dogs, with symptoms being lethargy, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and blood in the animal's stool.

Humane society officials say all dogs should be vaccinated against parvo virus as puppies as that is the best way to prevent the disease.

Until Monday, officials say stray or surrendered animals should be take to the nearest vet clinic.

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