Calgary man lays claim to title of fastest Canadian resident at Boston Marathon

A man from Kenya may have won the Boston Marathon, but a Calgary man has claimed the title of the fastest Canadian resident to cross the finish line.

Jacob Puzey finished the race 41st overall with a time of 2:26:52. He was one of 2,106 Canadian residents to run.

Puzey has been running marathons for 13 years, but this was his first time in Boston. He says it's a "storied course" he wanted to experience for himself.

"I coached hundreds of people to qualify for Boston, and even train for Boston, but it's one thing to look up a course profile on the internet, and it's another thing to actually know it personally and intimately, so I needed to experience it myself to add a little more credence to what I do," he said.

Puzey left his job as a teacher to become a professional running coach and running Boston was a goal he wanted to accomplish both personally and professionally.

He said he expected to do a bit better, but the unseasonably warm weather made the run a challenge.

"I really did do a considerable amount of my training on the treadmill in the basement and despite that feeling warm with the heat, it wasn't anywhere comparable to how hot it was today," he said.

Puzey said the Boston marathon is a stepping stone to Calgary's 50-kilometre road championships at the end of May.

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