Calgary not-for-profit going bananas trying to off-load pallets of fruit

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CALGARY — It's been bananas at a Calgary not-for-profit as it tries to find a use for more than 300 cases of the long, yellow fruit, which were donated all at once last week.

Audra Stevenson, interim CEO of the Leftovers Foundation, says the group's goal is to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste.

She says the priority is to get as many fresh bananas as possible to organizations that can use them, like homeless shelters.

Stevenson says there will likely be one pallet left of bananas that are past their prime, but they can still be used in baked goods or ice cream.

She says food artisans are on standby to grab whatever is left once service agencies get their fill of fruit.

Stevenson says the pandemic has made it harder than usual for distributors to predict food orders because no one is sure when restaurants will be opened or closed.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 1, 2021.

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