Calgary pedophile ruled dangerous offender, handed indeterminate sentence

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A Calgary man who has a history of sexually assaulting girls between the ages of three and seven years old has been declared a dangerous offender and sent to prison indefinitely.

Jonathan Leach has been molesting girls his entire adult life and has shown "signs of escalation" in his crimes, according to Court of Queen's Bench Justice Nancy Dilts, who also noted the 30-year-old has been diagnosed as a pedophile.

In handing down the dangerous offender designation and indeterminate sentence, Dilts said Leach's behaviour is "unrestrained, deviant and dangerous."

Leach has participated in the country's most intensive sex offender programs but continues to be a high risk to reoffend, according to several medical experts.

Girl, 7, attacked in alley

Leach was being monitored by CPS's high risk offender program and was wearing an ankle monitoring device when he committed his most recent sexual assault.

In August 2017, while working a landscaping job, Leach approached a seven-year-old girl who was playing near her home.

He threatened her and brought her to an alley where he sexually assaulted the child.

Leach left the girl there and told her to count to 30 before she could leave. After the attack, the child immediately told her parents what had happened.

"Mr. Leach offended while on highest level of supervision," Dilts noted in her decision.

'Virtually impossible to keep him from offending'

One of the attacks involved a significant degree of violence including choking and hitting a five-year-old girl's head against a wall when she refused to comply with his sexual demands.

According to evidence from medical experts, including forensic pathologists, once Leach is triggered, it is "virtually impossible to keep him from offending a young child," the judge noted.

He has poor anger control stemming from chronic low self-esteem. Leach's childhood was marked by isolation and loneliness.

Leach could apply for parole in seven years but would have to demonstrate he is no longer a risk to the community in order to be released.