Calgary police kept busy with traffic accidents

Calgary police and Emergency Medical Services are busy with several accidents.

Between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. M.T. on Saturday there were 170 accidents with 14 of those resulting in injuries.

Calgary police duty inspector Darren Legget says most of those accidents were caused by snowfall Friday night and Saturday morning.

“Given the snowfall, given the deteriorating road conditions and the fact of the matter is it is going to be a relatively busy shopping day in the city of Calgary,” Legget said. “So when you put all of those factors together we really have to stop and think about slowing down, be of the mindset that today is going to take some time given the road conditions and the sheer volume of traffic in Calgary.”

RCMP in central Alberta are also reminding drivers to use caution on some highways.

Late Saturday afternoon there was a delay for nearly an hour on both directions of Highway 9 east of Youngstown, Alta. due to an accident.

Heavy snow, poor visibility and icy roads are also reported in the Hana area, about two hours northeast of Calgary.

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