Calgary road rage incident re-enacted in bid to catch 2 culprits

Calgary road rage incident re-enacted in bid to catch 2 culprits

Crime Stoppers staged a re-enactment Tuesday of a violent road-rage attack that left a Calgary woman badly hurt last December.

Karalie Red Old Man was driving her daughter from piano practice on the evening of Dec. 7, 2016, when a silver two-door BMW started honking because it couldn't pass her van at the intersection of Fourth Street and 40th Avenue N.W.

The BMW aggressively tailgated the van, hitting the back of it at one point.

When the woman stopped near the Mount Pleasant Sportsplex in the 2400 block of 6th Street N.W., the BMW boxed her in, police say.

One of the two men got out of the BMW, grabbed her head and smashed it against her car, cutting her lip and breaking her glasses. 

She grabbed a hockey stick from the van to defend herself, but one of the two men grabbed it and smashed out her van's windows.

The victim's husband came out of the arena and was able to successfully intervene, police say.

Both suspects then then fled the scene in the BMW, which would have extensive damage to the front passenger side and possibly the front bumper, police say. 

Police are looking for two men in their early 20s, possibly Middle Eastern, with dark brown or black hair and medium builds.

Police believe they might be brothers, based on their interaction.

Red Old Man was taken to hospital in an ambulance with injuries to her face, jaw, lips and teeth.

Anyone with information on the incident, or the identity of the two men, is asked to call police at 403-266-1234 or contact Crime Stoppers.

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