Calgary skateboarder's charitable effort thwarted by thieves

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Calgary skateboarder's charitable effort thwarted by thieves

Calgary skateboarder's charitable effort thwarted by thieves

Chad Baker wanted to spread the kindness of the skateboard community from Calgary all the way to the Philippines, but now he faces a major setback after donated items and gear were stolen from his storage locker in his apartment building.

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He stored hats, clothing, skateboards, gear and stickers all worth about $2,500 in boxes clearly labeled for his charity.

"They obviously don't have anything going for them if they are going to be stealing from other people, especially when it says donations for kids for the Philippines."

Baker believes the thieves may have entered the storage room door by simply using a credit card, and managed to open the storage unit despite the lock.

It's not the first time he's been through this. In March, a number of Baker's personal belongings were taken when his storage locker was broken into — prompting him to move to a new apartment.

Still, Baker says despite two break-ins in a short timeframe, he won't be deterred.

"They didn't just steal from me, they stole from a whole community of people. But I'm not going to let that stop me. I'll continue and I'll get right back at it."

He wants to deliver the skateboarding items to the Philippines in November.

He's accepting donations at the Mission Snow, Skate & BMX store in Calgary's Kensington neighbourhood.