Calgary Stampede, BMO recognize Konschuh family

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During the Calgary Stampede, the Konschuh family was honoured as one of 19 families recognized by the Calgary Stampede and BMO at this year’s Farm Family Awards.

The chosen families were welcomed to Stampede Park on July 11 for the 26th annual BMO Farm Family Awards, which celebrate families in southern Alberta for their contributions to agriculture and to their respective communities.

The Konschuh family was the Wheatland County awardee for the 2022 presentations.

Hannah Konschuh, owner and operator of Generation Land and Grain Company Limited, spoke on behalf of the family.

“It was really wonderful to receive that award as a family, and we had a great time at the Stampede on Monday where they honoured us … this would be the first time that we’ve been recognized for this award,” said Konschuh.

The Konschuh family was nominated for the award by Wheatland County Division One Councillor, Shannon Laprisse.

Regarding the family’s history in agriculture, Konschuh said theirs is a relatively young farm compared to some throughout Southern Alberta. She will be the first generation to succeed the farm and family business.

“My mom and dad, Eldon and Sheila Konschuh, they’re both local to the area. My mom grew up on a farm in Gleichen, and my dad grew up on a farm near Cluny; but our farm is actually a young farm, it’ll be a first generation going on second,” said Konschuh. “They actually were up against quite a bit of adversity when they started their farm, but with the supportive neighbours and other people in the community that wanted to see them succeed, they started their own farm and they now have a succession plan with myself and with my husband to keep it going.”

Konschuh described theirs as a dryland grain farm, with their crops being wheat, barley, peas and canola.

Regarding the family’s contributions to the local community, Sheila Konschuh had a hand in founding Project Hope, which supports students with disabilities in the Golden Hills School Division, as well as the Hope Bridges Society, which is a society geared towards adults with disabilities and anybody else who is isolated in community, bringing them together through art.

Eldon Konschuh has focused his efforts on contributions to local agriculture, being a steward of soil conservation and maintaining a no-till farming approach for the crop yields.

Hannah Konschuh added that she has served on several agricultural boards and commissions, including the Alberta Wheat Commission and Cereals Canada.

“It was really nice to be recognized. And I think the most special thing to all of us was that we were recognized together as a family. So, for all of our contributions together as a farm and as a family in our community,” said Konschuh. “We’re a busy farm family and we don’t get the chance to all be together off the farm very often. So, it was just a really nice day to be recognized and to spend that time together.”

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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