Callander reverting to part-time by-law officer

Callander residents with a hankering to enforce municipal by-laws, your time to shine is fast approaching, as council will soon be issuing a call for a new by-law officer. The position is part-time, as it was before the fire department took on enforcement duties.

It was in 2019 when the former part-time by-law officer retired, and Callander’s council moved the responsibility to the fire department. At that time, the deputy fire chief was a retired police officer and was willing to take on the additional 14 hours to assist with enforcement.

In August of 2020, council passed by-law 2020-1663 which permanently assigned bylaw duties to the fire department. However, in the past two years, several by-laws have been updated, and the work involved to enforce them has increased. The 14 hours put in by the deputy chief isn’t spreading as far as it used to.

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Some of those by-laws, like the property standards by-law, will require active enforcement, which will require more hours. “It we want to build the municipality in the image of the strategic plan,” Mayor Robb Noon said, “then we’re going to have to put these things in place”—namely, more hours dedicated to by-law enforcement. “We have to have somebody out there ensuring public compliance.”

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So, municipal staff plan to hire a new part-time by-law officer for up to 20 hours per week, and the deputy chief will also keep watch on things for his 14 hours. The call for applicants will be posted on the municipality’s website early in the new year.

David Briggs is a Local Journalism Initiative reporter who works out of BayToday, a publication of Village Media. The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.

David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,