Calling the civic-minded

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If you’re interested in sitting on Paradises’ 50th- anniversary advisory committee, time is running short.

The call for volunteers closes on Monday, January 25.

“We’re looking for community-minded individuals to be on our advisory committee,” said mayor Dan Bobbett, who said applicants ought to be energetic, motivated, and civic-minded.

“2021 holds significance as our fiftieth-year anniversary of our incorporation as a municipality. It was on July 13, 1971. So, we’re pretty excited about it, and it marks a big milestone for us. We want to plan events, and we want the committee to help us do that.”

Bobbett said the celebrations will give residents a chance to reflect upon of the history of Paradise, including the amalgamation of St. Thomas and other areas of metro.

The celebrations are being planned with COVID-19 guidelines in mind

“We want to acknowledge the golden anniversary and we’ll come up with creative ways to do that, for sure,” said Bobbett. “I’m sure we can come up with creative ways to celebrate but still social distance and keep the public health COVID-19 guidelines in mind at all times… A lot of organizations and towns have adapted to do events during COVID to be keep everybody informed and active. So, everyone is adapting to the situation as it unfolds. We’re looking at doing outdoor events wherever we can, as opposed to indoor events, because there’s more restrictions on indoor events. It will be challenging, but we can still celebrate, because it is a big milestone.”

Members of the committee, which Bobbett said will roughly number ten, will work alongside a paid consultant, Pilot Consultation, who will be working on a budget of $19,820, plus HST.

“The consultant will work hand in hand with the Fiftieth Anniversary Advisory Committee. Ovbiously, everything comes back to council as well,” said Bobbett.

So far, no events have been announced yet, although Bobbett said that likely the town would take advantage of Paradise Park and other outdoor amenities when planning events.

For now, the town has set its sight first on getting the committee in place.

“We’re pretty pumped about it and pretty excited,” said Bobbett. “I’m sure that after we’ve finished the selection process, we will have a fantastic committee that will help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of incorporation,” said Bobbett.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News