Calves adorably startled when they tip over the camera

Calves are incredibly curious animals that sniff and lick at almost anything new that they discover in their meadow. More inquisitive and more intelligent than we give them credit for, they are much like giant puppies in their personalities. These calves live on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. They wander freely in the meadow for most of the year, exploring the woods and rolling hills, and they drink fresh water from the ponds on the farm. They are part of a large, and very happy herd that enjoy the freedom here, grazing contentedly throughout the day. They are joined by Gus, a huge, but relaxed bull that watches over his herd protectively. These calves have gathered around to check out a new visitor in their meadow. They are very curious about the small camera that he has and they watch him carefully, although they are reluctant to approach him close enough to sniff at the strange object that he is holding. He puts the camera down in the grass and moves back a few steps. Predictably, the calves gather around and look even more closely. They can't resist the urge to get a good look and even lick at the camera. The result is some very adorable footage of their noses and eyes peering right into the lens. But when one of them nudges the camera and it tips over in the grass, they all jump in unison and get ready to run. When nothing dangerous happens, they slowly return to their investigation of the amusing object.