Calves Rescued as Winter Storm Pummels Washington State

Farmer Nick Cobb rescued several calves from blizzard conditions in Ephrata, Washington, on Saturday, February 9, as a winter storm continued to blanket much of the state.

Cobb drove out to check on his cattle and found the herd huddled together, protecting themselves from the storm, but also found some newborn calves in trouble. Cobb said he pulled 15 calves, all one to three days old, inside his car, including one coated in snow and ice. That calf, later nicknamed Oreo, was taken inside Cobb’s family home to be warmed up in a bath by Cobb’s daughter Mac and wife Kelly.

The other 14 calves were in better condition than Oreo and were fed and cared for in a warming shed, Cobb said. Credit: Nick Cobb via Storyful