Calvin council cautiously plan to revive in-person meetings

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Calvin’s municipal council are planning to return to in-person meetings. If all goes well, councillors could reunite at the Calvin Community Centre by the end of the year.

“I’m in favour of this,” Councillor Sandy Cross said, given “guidelines are in place” to ease the transition from on-line to in-person meetings.

Cindy Pigeau, the municipal clerk, explained the transition will probably occur “in stages,” with council returning first and then allowing the public to attend meetings afterward.

Her goal is to have a plan in place “for the end of the year,” Pigeau said, although re-opening will be contingent on Covid-19 cases and public health recommendations.

“I think we need to get back to in-house meetings,” Cross said, adding there may be some “kinks to figure out” as part of the move, as she wants to ensure the livestreaming of council meetings continues.

Currently, the municipality broadcasts council meetings on their YouTube channel. After the livestream, those videos are then archived on the site.

“There may be some issues with how to do that,” once they return to their regular meeting space.

Councillor Christine Shippam supported the return to in-person meetings, confident that “Cindy will make a plan to bring it back in stages to make it comfortable for everybody.”

Shippam also added her support for continuing the livestream for the public.

“It would be nice to finally do an in-person meeting instead of being behind a camera.”

Mayor Ian Pennell had “some concerns” about returning to council chambers, noting the rising number of Covid-19 cases throughout the province.

“It’s not going away” soon, he added, “and if we’re going to do this, we have to do it very carefully and be very protective of ourselves and others.”

With those words of caution, Pennell called for the vote, and cast his in favour of developing a plan.

Shippam and Cross agreed, which made the decision to create a plan to return to in-person council meetings unanimous.

David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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