Calvin sends Corriveau to abolish Cassellholme board

Calvin Township is sending Robert Corriveau, the Mayor of Papineau-Cameron, to represent its interests on the Cassellholme board. Calvin’s council made the decision at its last meeting, at the request of Corriveau, who is eager to serve again with hope of abolishing the board.

Cassellholme is a senior living facility located at 400 Olive Street in North Bay, and “for a long time we’ve been very concerned about what’s been going on at Cassellholme,” noted Calvin’s mayor, Richard Gould.

Why concerned? Cassellholme is unique in how it runs as the facility is a partnership between nine municipalities—Bonfield, Calvin, Chisholm, East Ferris, Mattawa, Mattawan, North Bay, Papineau–Cameron, and South Algonquin.

These municipalities are responsible for funding the facility, a point of contention for many municipalities in 2021 when Cassellholme was working to secure $122 million for redevelopment. The board makes the spending decisions, and “they simply can levy the municipalities for that money,” Mayor Gould said.

Before elected mayor this fall, Gould brought a petition to MPP Vic Fedeli requesting the township be relieved of the burden of the redevelopment. Mayor Corriveau was also vocal with his concerns about the project, noting the fees to redevelop could cost Papineau-Cameron Township around $2.3 million.

Relief came in late October 2021, when MPP Vic Fedeli announced that Ontario’s provincial government would back the loan from Infrastructure Ontario for the Cassellholme redevelopment, which removed the municipalities from the financial hook.

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However, Calvin Township still wants out, and to make this happen, the board must be abolished. “For a long time, we’ve been trying to get rid of that board,” Mayor Gould said, so they are sending Mayor Corriveau to do the job.

Mattawa, Calvin, and Papineau-Cameron together make up Area 2 of Cassellholme’s board of management, and this year, it’s Calvin’s turn to pick a representative. Corriveau is currently serving on the board, and requested to maintain the position, which council unanimously agreed with.

“I have full faith in Mayor Corriveau to have Calvin’s interest at heart,” Mayor Gould said adding that Corriveau will “work toward getting the board to become a North Bay board”—meaning North Bay will take ownership of the facility and the neighbouring municipalities will be released from the partnership.

“Let’s hope we can get to a good result with Cassellholme very soon,” Gould said.

David Briggs is a Local Journalism Initiative reporter who works out of BayToday, a publication of Village Media. The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.

David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,