Cam Newton — still seeking work — shows off arm, footwork in workout videos

The biggest football-related surprise of the NFL offseason is the continued free agency of Cam Newton.

The 31-year-old three-time Pro Bowl quarterback and 2015 MVP remains unemployed after being released by the Carolina Panthers in March.

Newton has seen his performance and availability decline over the last two seasons as he’s battled foot and shoulder injuries. But it’s shocking to see him still looking for work.

Cam shows off arm

He posted multiple workout videos on his Instagram page this week as if to show his detractors they’re making a mistake.

On Tuesday he posted video of himself performing passing drills.

The message is clear. Allow us to translate: Those deep balls he struggled to connect on while dealing with shoulder injuries aren’t a problem.

And his feet

On Wednesday he posted video of himself in the gym.

The video starts zoomed in on his feet as he performs footwork drills. Again, the message is clear: Don’t worry about those foot injuries. He’s good.

Of course neither video is definitive proof of Newton’s return to health, especially after nine seasons of wear and tear on a body that’s taken a beating.

Somebody’s bound to take a chance

But even with lingering questions, he’s worth a gamble, even as a backup. Especially if you’re a team like, say — the Chicago Bears, who have a Super Bowl-caliber defense and will trot out either Nick Foles or Mitchell Trubisky at quarterback this season.

At this point, Newton will presumably come at a discount. And when healthy, he’s regularly proven himself as one of the NFL’s most dynamic offensive weapons. He’s certainly worth the risk.

Cam Newton used Instagram to feature his arm and his feet — two areas of concern around the free agent quarterback. (AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

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