Cambridge voters report waiting up to an hour at Tapestry Hall to cast ballot

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Long lines wound around the Tapestry Hall polling station in Cambridge as waiting times for voting averaged about one hour, according to voters.

Many voters were frustrated earlier in the day with some even tearing up their voting cards and walking away, according to poll workers.

But others like Mike Adams were more understanding.

“I understand that there are restrictions in terms of COVID and all that so I’m more than willing to do my part,” said Adams when asked about whether he was frustrated by the long wait.

The dinnertime crowd waited calmly and patiently for the most part. Waiting times were longest between 6 to 8 p.m., with average waiting times decreasing to 20 to 30 minutes by 9 p.m. Tapestry Hall is the biggest polling station in Cambridge, boasting 18 polling stations for voters to cast their ballot.

Many Cambridge voters chose to vote in-person on election day, despite a record number of mail-in ballots being sent in across the country. Approximately one million voters voted by mail.

Genelle Levy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Cambridge Times

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