Camilla names working dog in honour of her grandson

Queen Camilla has named a dog working for a charity after her grandson.

The 76-year-old monarch is patron of Medical Detection Dogs and after being invited to name a puppy in celebration of her continued association with the organisation, she opted for Freddy, the moniker of her youngest grandson Freddy Parker Bowles, the 13-year-old son of food critic Tom Parker Bowles and his wife Sara Buys, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

Freddy will work with a team of dogs to detect the tiniest traces of smells that are caused by medical conditions, helping to save lives and restore confidence to those who feel a loss of independence when they fall ill.

In February, Camilla - who has been patron of the charity since 2014 - hosted a reception for the organisation at Clarence House and praised their work.

She said: “There were a lot of sceptics about. People thought how on earth can these dogs sniff out all these diseases.

“But as you’ve seen today, seeing is believing. You’ve watched them do it. I’ve watched them now sniff out so many different diseases.

“During Covid they were completely brilliant.. sadly, they weren’t used. Maybe in the future if we have a big pandemic they could be used because they have proved how brilliant they are at doing it.”

During the reception, the queen watched a Labrador named Plumb successfully pick out a sample of a urinary tract infection from a line-up and laughed when one puppy, who had been trained to present her with a basket containing a gift-wrapped pin badge, strayed from her route.

Maggie the Labrador collected the basket but went straight back to her handler, before being encouraged to try again, where she headed towards a group of photographers before eventually dropping the gift by Camillas feet.