Camp Connections to get new tipi, thanks to a Yellowknifer's donation

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The tipi that was stolen from Camp Connections, a summer camp run by the Foster Family Coalition of the NWT, is going to be replaced, thanks to a Yellowknife business owner.

Tammy Roberts, the coalition's executive director, said she learned on Monday that the camp was getting a canvas for a new tipi by way of a donation, and that this tipi will be even bigger than the previous one.

"I'm told it's massive, so I'm really excited about it," she said.

Roberts declined to name the business owner, saying she wasn't sure if they wanted to go public.

In early October it was reported that the canvas was stolen off the 22-foot tipi at the Camp Connections site, about an hour outside of Yellowknife.

The organization made a public plea for the tipi's return, but nothing came of it, said Roberts.

She said the coalition got some donations after the previous tipi was stolen, and those will be put toward bigger tipi poles and hiring someone to help build the new tipi.

"All the kids knew about the tipi that was stolen and of course, were upset by that," she says.

"They'll be really happy that we can have a new one erected before ... camp next summer."