Can Ryan Seacrest rap? The answer will not surprise you.

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Just because Ryan Seacrest hosts a show about music doesn’t mean he’s any good at making it. For some reason the hosts of Live With Kelly and Ryan decided to battle-rap in honor of their guest Drop the Mic’s Hailey Baldwin. There’s just one problem — we’re pretty sure Ryan Seacrest has never listened to rap before.

The two were supposed to trade prewritten rap disses with the help of legendary beatboxer Rahzel, but Seacrest could barely get them out. He spat out the very simple two-line rhymes so wildly off-rhythm that it was almost as if he was listening to another song. At several times Rahzel dropped the beat out so that Seacrest could finish the ho-hum insults at a leisurely, rhythmless pace. The entire six-minute segment was so cringeworthy that one could actually feel embarrassed and sad for the media mogul.

Thankfully on American Idol Seacrest only introduces musicians, because he should really, really never try to make anything that resembles music again.

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