'This election was an abuse of power': Canadians criticize, roast Liberal leader Justin Trudeau after repeat minority win in 2021 election

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Justin Trudeau is projected to secure another minority government after calling a snap-election amid a pandemic, a move that now seems pointless in retrospect to many Canadians. (Credit: Andrej Ivanov/AFP) (AFP via Getty Images)

Canadians aren't too happy to learn that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are projected to once again win a minority government in the 2021 Canada Federal Election.

Following the projected result, many took to Twitter to voice their frustration and to also even mock the prime minister. It comes after Trudeau called a snap-election in late-August, two years into a four-year term, while holding a minority government. While he never explicitly stated that he was after a majority, it's become the clear assumption among Canadians, as they headed to the polls amid a fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, the whole hassle of an election all seems completely pointless to some:

Others decided to pull out some jokes and memes, noting the complete ineffectiveness behind the election for Trudeau and his party.

Just like after the 2019 federal election, they'll now be returning to the House of Commons with a minority government.

Throughout the campaign, Elections Canada projected a $610-million price tag for the election to come to fruition, making it the most expensive to date, according to CBC.

The large price tag of north of $600 million became a staple in the Conservatives' campaign, and also clearly rubbed many Canadians the wrong way as its projected result became known.

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