Canada goose 'Spawn of Satan' terrorizes University of Waterloo

Watch the goose attack

Canada geese are known to be aggressive when defending their nests, but one goose in particular is striking fear into the hearts of women and men at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.

The goose, which lurks outside the Hagey Hall building, was dubbed the Spawn of Satan Goose by Reddit user Quock, who claims to have been attacked twice.

"I heard a whoosh and looked behind me, and the f***ing thing was in full divebomb mode, wings tucked and mouth wide open, going straight for my face. I dodged it, but it's the only time a goose has actually charged at me," wrote Quock, who posted a warning to other students on the University of Waterloo subreddit, prompting others to share their terrifying tales of goose aggression.

"We were driving around listening to a fire mixtape when this goose blocked the road near HH [Hagey Hall]. My friend got out to shoo him away and he nearly died," said hononhonFRFR, who posted the video above. 

"I was going for a run last Saturday and right by HH, I saw this goose taking on another mated couple of geese in the middle of the road," said another Reddit user.

"I haven't been attacked by a goose in my five years at the school. I left my last exam from the PAC on Friday and was hissed at by this goose. So close," said LeafsFan13.

The troublesome goose also has two listings on the university's Goose Watch website, which keeps track of nesting pairs and helps people plan goose-free routes through campus.