Canada Post aims at fewer lineups, better workplaces, with 2nd outlet in Iqaluit

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The post office in Iqaluit, pictured here in August 2020. A second post office is slated to open in the capital next year.  (Matisse Harvey/Radio Canada - image credit)
The post office in Iqaluit, pictured here in August 2020. A second post office is slated to open in the capital next year. (Matisse Harvey/Radio Canada - image credit)

Over the past couple years, Ross Learn has been one of many Iqalummiut who've had trouble with the local post office.

"The lineups here over the last couple of years have been just crazy, like out the door into the parking lot," he said.

"So, any additional services they provide are definitely needed."

Now, Canada Post says it is building a second post office in Iqaluit to fix some of these problems. According to Canada Post, the new post office will mean shorter lines and faster service. The new office will also replace the separate package pick-up location on Mivvik Street.

Jackie Valotaire, the manager of operations for Canada Post in Nunavut and Ontario, said the agency's aim is to provide a better experience for customers and employees.

"We are looking forward to opening a second full-service facility in Iqaluit, and really helping address some of the challenges that the community has faced, as well as our employees," she said.


Some of those challenges include long lineups, and having to pick up parcels from a warehouse.

Valotaire said the agency will be looking at boundaries within the community to determine which post office customers should go to.

"We'll have more than 50 per cent that will be located in the new facility, and the remainder will be in the existing main post office," she said.

Valotaire said Canada Post launched its Indigenous and northern reconciliation strategy in November 2020. She said there are 12 other locations in northern communities where they hope to improve services in the near future.

"They will have one office to go to to pick up all of their parcels and all of their mailing needs as well," Valotaire said.

"We're going to be looking to incorporate Inuit art in the design, as well, within the new facility."

Plans to open in 2023

Valotaire said the new post office will go in the Astro Hill complex. She said if "everything goes according to plans," Canada Post expects to open the new post office in late fall of 2023.

Right now, she said the agency is in "a much better position" when it comes to staffing, with 25 staff, and more hiring ongoing.

"We're making sure that we're looking at our retention and making sure that we've got the opportunity to have both facilities … the parcel warehouse and the main office right now, in a much better position to service the community."

She said the waitlist for P.O. boxes is something the agency took into consideration when making plans for the second post office.

"Within both facilities, we'll be looking at increasing the boxes, especially at the new facility," she, adding it will be around 9,000 to 11,000 square feet in size.

"We'll be making sure that we are accounting for growth as well."

Home deliveries, however, are not being considered at the moment.

Oolanie Kakkee says a new post office will be more convenient for her family.

"I think it's a good idea because we always have to come all the way down just to go to the post office."