Air Canada flights, departures from Toronto's Pearson airport the most delayed in the world: flight data

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While long weekends in both Canada and the U.S. have come to an end, flight delays are cancellations are still going strong, with Air Canada continuing see the most delays of any larger international airline.

Data collected by aviation tracking site FlightAware shows that on Tuesday, July 5, 65 per cent of Air Canada flights were delayed, more than any other airline tracked by the site. Two per cent of Air Canada's flights were cancelled on Tuesday.

Additionally, 52 per cent of Air Canada Rouge flights were delayed on the same day, also with two per cent of flights cancelled.

Jazz Aviation, a Halifax-based carried that provides regional service for Air Canada, saw 56 per cent of their flights delayed on Tuesday, 12 per cent cancelled.

Only two other airlines had 50 per cent or more of their flights delayed on Tuesday, Virgin Australia (52 per cent delayed) and QuantasLink (50 per cent delayed).

In terms of where some of these delayed flights are originating, Toronto's Pearson International Airport had 54 per cent of its departing flights delayed, the only airport tracked on FlightAware with more than half of departures delayed. A total of six percent of departure flights from Pearson were cancelled on Tuesday.

For flights arriving in the Toronto hub, 43 per cent of those flights were delayed on Tuesday, six per cent cancelled.

Looking at the Fredericton-based data analysis company DataWazo, from June 29 to July 5, 49 per cent of domestic flights to Toronto's Pearson airport were delayed and 11 per cent cancelled. Looking at flights to Calgary's airport, 43 per cent of domestic flights in the past full week were delayed, five per cent cancelled, and 40 per cent of flights to Vancouver International Airport were delayed, four per cent cancelled.

For flights to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport from June 29 to July 5, 39 per cent were delayed and 13 per cent were cancelled, and 41 per cent of flights to Ottawa's airport were delayed in the same timeframe, 10 per cent cancelled.

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