Canada’s warmest temperature of 2023 could arrive this weekend

One lucky town could wrap up winter in style this weekend as it potentially notches the warmest temperature recorded in Canada so far in 2023.

We’re finally in the waning days of astronomical winter across the northern hemisphere. Direct sunlight will cross the equator at 5:24 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, a milestone for the long-awaited steady rise in temperatures we’ll enjoy over the coming months.

But some folks across southern British Columbia won’t have to wait much longer to stash away their coats and throw open the windows—for a little while, at least.

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Clear skies and a ridge of high pressure will allow for a day full of warm sunshine across B.C.’s South Coast this weekend. Saturday looks to be the warmest day of the bunch, with temperatures soaring into the middle double-digits for much of the region.

Abbotsford, B.C., is on track to see a high temperature of 17°C on Saturday, which would be Canada’s warmest reading so far in 2023. This reading is more common of the middle of May than the middle of March.

The highest temperature we’ve seen across the country this year was a 16.6°C afternoon in Vineland, Ontario, back on February 15. Abbotsford hasn’t seen a temperature this warm since October.

A seasonal temperature across the Lower Mainland this weekend would be about 11-12°C.


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Daytime highs will drop back toward seasonal to begin the week as cloudy skies and occasionally unsettled conditions spread into the South Coast.

The arrival of spring makes it tough to wait for warmer weather to creep north of the border, but it can be a long wait for some.

Folks in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto alike all have to wait until early to mid-May for seasonal temperatures to tick into the mid-double digits, while Halifax often has to wait until the end of May for such consistently comfortable warmth.

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