Lawyer says Saskatoon white powder suspect will turn herself in; Canada-wide warrant issued

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Lawyer says Saskatoon white powder suspect will turn herself in; Canada-wide warrant issued

The lawyer for Amanda Totchek, who is the subject of a Canada-wide arrest warrant in connection with six white powder scares in Saskatoon, says his client is at a property in rural Alberta for which police already have the address.

Brian Pfefferle, who received one of six suspicious packages delivered to Saskatoon businesses last month, said he phoned his client after the warrant was made public Friday afternoon.  

Totchek in rural Alberta, says Pfefferle

He said he spoke to Totchek, who is also known as Alexa Emerson, on a landline at the rural Albertan property where she has been living. 

"I emailed the Crown indicating that she will be turning herself in," said Pfefferle.

"We didn't know this was coming on." 

He said prior to the warrant being issued, there had been some confusion over the location of the property, and that police had indicated there was a problem finding that address. Police said recent attempts to find her had been unsuccessful.

"I'm suspecting that something is lost in translation in terms of whether the land location we have is not as descript as it should be or — it is rural Alberta — I'm not so sure it is super easy to find," said Pfefferle.

He said Totchek would be driving back to Saskatoon to turn herself in voluntarily.

Lawyer could become witness

Having received a suspicious package in the mail himself, Pfefferle would become a witness if Totchek was charged in connection with that particular incident. 

Given the complications, he expected he might not be her lawyer for much longer, although he said he was waiting for more information from police before making that call.  

He said it was the "likely conclusion" that she would have to seek alternative counsel.

Saskatoon police issued the Canada-wide warrant for Totchek shortly after 3 p.m. CST.

Police have asked for the public's help to locate the 31-year-old, who is described as being five feet four inches tall, weighing 119 pounds with long brown hair and hazel eyes.

6 white powder scares last month

Police last week confirmed they were investigating a possible link between last month's six white powder scares and a November incident that targeted five businesses in one day. Another two suspicious packages were delivered to Saskatoon businesses this week, on Thursday.

It is not clear which six of the eight incidents Totchek is wanted in connection with.

Totchek has been charged with mischief and uttering threats in connection with the November hoax, which cost emergency services about $66,000. 

The City of Saskatoon is considering legal action against anyone convicted in connection with last month's suspicious packages.

Saskatoon Police Service reminded the public to be vigilant when handling suspicious packages. 

Police are concerned that the public is becoming complacent after the recent spate of white powder scares, after which the powder was deemed to be non-hazardous.