Canada working to airdrop aid in Gaza Strip as soon as possible: Hussen's office

OTTAWA — International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen's office says Canada is working to airdrop humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip as soon as possible.

The confirmation that an active effort is underway comes after Hussen said Ottawa was exploring new options to deliver aid.

He said the provision of airdrops in partnership with like-minded countries in the region, such as Jordan, was on the table.

Hussen said last week that the provision of aid is nowhere near what's needed and a tedious inspection process was slowing down the movement of supplies brought in by truck.

He made the comments following a trip to the Rafah border crossing, the only way in or out of the Gaza Strip since the Israel-Hamas war began in October.

Canada has put $100 million toward aid for the besieged territory since the start of the conflict, including $40 million committed last month.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 28, 2024.

The Canadian Press