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Quebec plans on selling marijuana through the government-run liqour board that will run 15 stores and online sales by July 2018. Pot possession will be limited to 150 grams per household and 30 grams per person. The cultivation of marijuana for personal or commercial use will not be permitted. The province acknowledges there will be room for exceptions in some cases. Photo from Getty Images.

PHOTOS: Canada's marijuana regulations in every province, territory

As the days pass closer to pot legalization in Canada, the provinces and territories are scurrying to get their ducks in order.

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s marijuana plan, the provinces and territories will have to take on a large load of the responsibility when cannabis becomes legal for recreational use on July 1, 2018.

Decisions on the legal age, sales models, growing at home, personal possession and whether pot will be permitted for use in public must be decided by the 13 provinces and territories.

The Canadian Press has put together a list of marijuana plans from coast to coast, which varies from place to place.

Governments have eight months to come up with their plan for how to regulate and distribute marijuana.

With files from The Canadian Press and CBC News