Canada's Smartest Person is 'out of control' says show's co-host

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Canada's Smartest Person is 'out of control' says show's co-host

Intelligence is about more than IQ tests and final exams—at least that’s what JessiCruickshank is out to prove as the host of CBC’s new series, Canada’s Smartest Person.

The 9-part season will see 32 of Canada’s brightest minds go head-to-head in a series of challenging tests until only one person remains.

"The challenges we're making these people do are kind of out of control," said Cruickshank. "We're taking it all over the map and that's what makes it so fun."

Unlike average quiz shows, Cruickshank says Canada’s Smartest Person throws out old theories of determining intelligence. Instead, the competition breaks things down into six major facets: linguistic, visual, musical, social, logical and physical.

To truly be 'smart', contestants must be well-rounded and have a little bit of intelligence in each category.

"It's a whole new way of measuring intelligence. And for us, it's a really fun way of measuring it," said Cruickshank.

The challenges will cover everything from a lie detector test to an electronic dance challenge to a motivational speech, where contestants must convince a peewee hockey team to get up and get inspired to win.

Download the app and play at home

Viewers at home can play along with the competitors and test their own brains by downloading CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person app, available in the App Store and in the Google Play Store, or by visiting the Canada’s Smartest Person website.

Canada’s Smartest Person premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) with a special two-hour episode.