Canadian Forces Snowbirds fly over Montreal in honour of Canada's 150th birthday

You couldn't exactly miss them: the Canadian Forces Snowbirds made an appearance over Montreal today accompanied by their French counterparts, la Patrouille de France.

The air demonstration teams conducted a joint flyby over Parliament Hill in Ottawa and on to Montreal, in celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary of Confederation.

"The Royal Canadian Air Force is delighted to welcome the Patrouille de France to Canada as we celebrate Canada's 150 years of Confederation," said Lt.-Gen. Mike Hood, commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force, in a media release.

"Canada and France have a profound connection, and our national air demonstration teams flying in formation is symbolic of our lasting friendship and alliance."

The Snowbird team flew nine CT-114 Tutor planes and the Patrouille de France team flew eight Alpha jets in a 17-ship formation. Two "photo-chase" aircraft accompanied the two teams.

In Montreal, their flight path took them over the Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal's Old Port and City Hall.

The teams were set to fly at a minimum altitude of 152 metres above the highest point of their flight path.

The two teams took part in the Aero150 air show in Gatineau April 30.