Canadian MP's Swift Exit Over Tight Underpants

Canadian MP's Swift Exit Over Tight Underpants

A Canadian MP offered a novel explanation for why he hurriedly ran out of the House of Commons during a vote: his underpants were too tight.

Pat Martin was seen dashing out of the room as lawmakers rose individually to cast their ballot, but was confronted about his absence by a rival MP on his return.

To laughter from colleagues, he said: "They had men's underwear on for half price, and I bought a bunch that was clearly too small for me. I find it difficult to sit for any length of time."

It later emerged that Mr Martin had actually left the room to ask the Speaker a question, and was under pressure to forfeit his vote.

"The actual fact is that it was a cheeky answer to what I thought was a cheeky question," he told local media.

Nonetheless, the colourful MP caused a stir in the Twittersphere, with some voters expressing concern that their politicians weren't very well briefed.