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Paying a visit to the Golden Temple

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark, centre, attends the Golden temple, a major Sikh shrine, in Amritsar on Nov. 16, 2011. Clark was in India for the annual two-day India Economic Summit, held in Mumbai, and to improve bilateral relations. Photo from Narinder Nanu/AFP/Getty Images.

Canadian politicians who donned another culture's garb before Justin Trudeau

Even after his return to Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to draw criticism and ridicule for the way in which he and his family dressed during their recent trip to India.

As striking as the image of a Canadian leader dressed in the bright garments of another culture’s formal wear might have been, it’s not exactly rare.

Here are some politicians who have traded in their traditional attire for something more flashy, and not altogether belonging to their own culture, whether at someone else’s behest or on their own.

Former Conservative leader Rona Ambrose, centre, poses for a photo with former Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown, left, and former Conservative MP Bal Gosal, right, at Toronto’s Vaisakhi Parade on Khalsa Day, April 26, 2015. Photo from Rona Ambrose/Twitter.