Canadian TV host Tracy Moore shares 'inspiring' workout video: 'Good body day'

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Tracy Moore is celebrating a
Tracy Moore is celebrating a "good body day." (Photo via Instagram/thetracymoore)

Tracy Moore is feeling "strong, fast and motivated."

The Canadian television host took to Instagram on Tuesday to share an inspiring and motivational video encouraging her followers to "thank" their bodies.

"I am having a good body day. I am having a good body week. You know what, I’m having a good body month and it has nothing to do with the number on the scale," the 47-year-old captioned a video of herself exercising, stitched with another motivational video from TikToker Kari Kemp for narration.

"I feel strong, fast and motivated. So I took the video, and I took the picture. I didn’t care who was watching. And it felt good. How will you thank your body today?" Moore added.

In the original video, Kemp encourages followers to "take the picture, take the selfie" whenever they "feel proud" of their bodies.

"Even if it's just a good body day," she added. "Love your body, celebrates the days that you feel good — the moments that you feel good — take the pictures, take the videos, and start talking nicely to yourself 'cause you deserve it."

Moore's video was quickly met with support from fans who appreciated her message about championing self-love.

"Yes, yes, yes! Here for the celebration!" one Instagram user commented, while someone else added, "Thanks for sharing this Tracy! It's just what I needed to hear. Let's celebrate our bodies and speak kindly about ourselves every day!"

"I love this post, Tracy!" another fan wrote.

Earlier this month, Moore shared another video advocating for self-acceptance, encouraging her followers to be proud of their complexion—with or without makeup.

"Freckles coming in hot," she captioned the post. "This post is to remind you that sun damage and unkempt brows are A-OK."

"It’s your face and no one gets to have it but you. Also, you might see me tomorrow with double fake lashes and bronzer you can spot from Mars. I dig a full glam-up as much as I like to go makeup-free," she wrote. "The important thing is it’s our choice to make. Enjoy your face today my friends."

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