Most Canadians prefer Trudeau over Trump on leadership style, poll suggests

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    The other day there was a Yahoo story about "5 myths about refugees." yahoo blocked all comments to it, and what was shocking and supprising was, right in the first lines it lied.

    It started off saying "most refugees that come to canada are living in refugee camps." but the Trudeau government already admitted, that most of the refugees came from Lebanon and turkey and were living in apartments.
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    Tommy is FREE!!!
    Media lies AGAIN!
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    And the polls here in the US had Clinton winning in a landslide... must be a liberal thing?
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    I would prefer Yahoo to report on relevant news to Canadians. Like the crazed ISIS woman swinging a knife and golf club in a Toronto Canadian tire. Where is that story Yahoo? Doesn't fit the narrative? Seriously people look that up, the attacks we've been worried about are starting and you have to really look to to actually know about it because our news outlets are trying to weave another story that we are not in danger of religious extremist.
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    Whatever. Sure the migrants and deadbeats and terrorists and valley girls adore turdo but most REAL canadians hate turdo more than any PM ever before in history. Fact.
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    Who ever believes on polls are s2pid.
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    I never voted liberal and they never asked me. I am Canadian. I have a Trump shirt lol
    Trudeau needs to go
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    More stupid stuff from Yahoo.
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    So they polled members of the liberal party ??
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    Bobby B
    Since Justin is such a loser who spends us into deficits, gives our taxes away to other countries and has no plan for our economy.............Trump is obviously my choice.