Few Canadians think support for Indigenous communities should be a federal priority: poll

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    First part of help is a willingness to be helped. There have been help and money invested for decades and it goes to nought because of the culture and the form of Band Government. There need to be societal change as the Indian Act locks natives in an endless cycle of government assistance without a solution. If you look at the successful Band you will find that they have taken responsibility for their affairs and actually work to earn money. With self sufficiency comes pride and hope for the future. Living on the dole with government money is demeaning and results is a dysfunctional society.
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    What a PERFECT example of how politicians DO NOT listen to the people!!!! WE ARE SICK AND TIRED of supporting a BROKEN social experiment! CLOSE the reserves, EDUCATED the people and treat ALL people in Canada under the same laws!!!
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    This might have to do with the amount they are already getting and how more free money is not helping.
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    Aboriginals last in line. Well what do you expect after decades of saying give me more give me more. Complaining to their buddies at the United in Nepotism UN about racism, blocking any development plan under their false pretext of 'Protectors of Mother Earth, blocking any attempts at looking into their bands financial. Canadians are tolerant people but only to a point when the ungrateful become even more ungrateful.
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    Until there is an independent audit of the billions of Canadian tax dollars tossed blindly at native bands, they should not received another cent.
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    We should help all people to help themselves, regardless of race. People of aboriginal decent should be entitled to the exact same social safety net as all Canadians. Nothing more, nothing less. We need to end the Indian Act and stop labeling in this fashion. The entire concept of "reserves" has failed. Communism doesn't work anywhere in the world, so I don't understand why some people think it will work for aboriginals. I'm very proud that Canadians have identified that we should help all people, but not sort them race despite what the politically correct crowd are saying.
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    They get millions from the Canadian government, but the chiefs keep the money while nobody works. They should either be independent and form their self-supporting economy, or join the rest of Canada and live by the same laws as the rest.
    They want it both ways, with free water, free money and special privileges, but the system does not work because they do not work.
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    At first I thought IDLE NO MORE meant that the First Nations people are going to go to school study hard, get educated and find good jobs and be doctors, lawyers, physicists, etc. But instead I think they wanted more money from the tax payers and without accountability.
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    Low income is always a problem. I am sick of my money going to help these losers. It's not the governments fault these people didn't do anything with their lives. You are ultimately responsible for your life not the government. Low income people need better education as I am a firm believer that poverty breeds poverty.
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    Until they allow accountability and transparency in the billions given to them every year, then no, they will not be any more of a priority than they already are. Aboriginal affairs spending in Canada ranks second in terms of program spending only to Health. The problem is not funding - it's how it's being misused.

    Like it or not, it's a fact.