Cancer study lacking response from C.B. participants

Researchers with Atlantic Path, a national cancer study, are appealing to 1,000 Cape Bretoners to get in touch with them because they neglected to supply all the information researchers were looking for.

Atlantic Path, a $42 million study, investigates how genetics, environment, lifestyle and behavior contribute to the development of cancer.

"We've now got about 1,000 people in the greater Sydney area who've taken part in the study, they've done our questionnaire, they've given us in some cases biological samples," said David Thompson director of operations for Atlantic Path. " But we're now inviting them back to provide the full range of biological samples and have the full range of physical measurements taken, and of course anyone new who wants to come in is more than welcome."

Participants fill out questionnaires and provided a wide range of biological samples such as toenails and blood.

The study will follow the health of 300,000 people in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario and Atlantic Canada over the next 30 years.

Letters have been sent to the 1,000 people who haven't provided all of the necessary information.

Atlantic Path will be setting up clinics over the next several weeks to make it easier for people to follow up with researchers.

The clinics will be set up in Sydney, New Waterford, Glace Bay and North Sydney.

In total about 2,600 Cape Bretoners have taken part in the study.

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