Candidate files complaint

Oliver Paipoonge, Ont. — The Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge is handling a formal election complaint from councillor candidate Sabrina Ree.

Ree, who finished last out of the seven Oliver Paipoonge councillor candidates during Oct. 24’s municipal election, reached out to The Chronicle-Journal in the week after the vote by text and email alleging a voter letter anomaly, how council was formed with unofficial results and incorrect official results.

The municipality website had the wrong email address for Ree throughout the campaign, issuing an apology and correcting the mistake three days before the election.

Ree was almost 600 votes behind the fourth and final elected councillor’s vote total.

Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge chief operations officer/clerk Wayne Hanchard said on Oct. 31 the complaint has arrived at the municipality’s offices and will be dealt with.

“We’ll review (the complaint) and respond,” Hanchard said. “We asked her to provide us with a complaint and she did.

“(Ree) told you all about it. I’m not going to comment on that.

“People, normally when they complain about something, they don’t also contact all the media about it. Usually you deal with different complaints and stuff outside of the media.

“This is what (Ree) thinks is the way she wants to handle it and I’m not going to handle it like that.”

No timetable was given as to when the issue would be resolved.

John Nagy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chronicle-Journal