All-Candidates Debate with environmental focus on Zoom

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On September 8, at 7pm, join the 100 Debates on the Environment all- candidates debate on Zoom. Since this election campaign is taking place in the midst of a pandemic, many of our local all-candidate meetings will not be taking place. This is one of your few chances to hear the candidates of the Leeds, Grenville, Thousand Islands, and Rideau Lakes Riding in action. Local radio personality Bruce Wylie will be moderating the debate.

100 Debates on the Environment was launched by the non-profit group GreenPac in 2019. The purpose of this non-partisan project is to get candidates talking about environmental concerns and policy. This year, the environmental concern is coupled with how the country will continue to address and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Across the country, there will be 100 Debates on the Environment events in, you guessed it, approximately 100 ridings. The questions will be focused on four topics: the link between environmental concerns and the pandemic; marginalized groups and a just recovery; the Canadian Environmental Protection Act; and indigenous rights and environmental solutions. At each local event, candidates are expected to respond to these questions in ways that are most relevant in their riding.

According to Sarah Tuck, one of the organizers of our local event, the environmental focus helps to, "get the community thinking and talking about how the environment plays into this election, and how it may impact their vote."

Candidates who have confirmed their attendance for the September 8 event are: Roberta Abbott for the Liberal Party of Canada, Michael Barrett for the Conservative Party of Canada, Lorraine Rekmans for the Green Party of Canada, and Michelle Taylor for the New Democratic Party of Canada. Following recommendations from GreenPac, local organizers have not invited candidates from parties that are not currently holding a seat in parliament. You can find the event page and a link to the event on zoom link on Facebook at: Or you can contact to have a Zoom link emailed to you.

Rachel Everett-Fry, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The North Grenville Times

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