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Bruce Baker, Liberal Party

Bruce Baker has spent time working in the tech industry, as well as six years as a publisher of academic journals and has founded activists societies focusing on forward thinking causes. He focuses on fighting climate change and equity for 2SLGBTQ+ people.

He is a political, philosophy and economics graduate of Queen’s University and currently lives with his partner of six years.

“The contributions of diverse communities, people of different races, religions, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities, have built the Ontario we call home. Rural, Northern, Franco-Ontarians and Indigenous peoples bring vibrant, dynamic life to every corner of this province. Each of these communities deserves protection, support and hope that tomorrow will be better.”

David Barnwell, New Blue Party

David Barnwell has called Ilderton home since 2018. He was born in Chatham but raised in Brampton. He has been running his own telecommunications and security consulting firm for over 13 years. He first became interested in politics when former Premier Kathleen Wynne sold 53 percent of Ontario’s ownership of Hydro One. He became increasing frustrated as he continued to pay attention to provincial and federal politics. He has now put his name on the ballot in this election.

“The New Blue Party will be supporting small business by alleviating the government associated tax burden that is imposed upon them through years of overspending and over taxation of individuals.”

Vanessa Benoit, New Democratic Party

Vanessa Benoit lives in Alvinston with her husband, Bruce and is the mother of one son. She is a library worker, singer-songwriter and a private music educator. She has served on the planning committee of the Alvinston Arts and Music Fest and the Friends of A.W. Campbell Park.

“I believe that everyone has to have reliable access to public health care, schools and day cares. It was the Conservatives that further broke our essential services by continuing the chronic underfunding and cuts started by the Liberals.”

Wanda Dickey, Green Party

Wanda Dickey is originally from Newfoundland. She first moved to Ontario, residing in Innisfil in the 1980s but now resides in Strathroy.

“The past two years have revealed cracks in the systems we rely on, from climate ready jobs to mental health to housing. We need new solutions to decade long problems that the old line parties have simply failed to solve.

Dean Eve, None of the Above Party

Dean and his wife Roslynn bought their dream property in Bothwell on Highway 2. This has allowed his artist wife to open an art gallery, jewelry and crystal store. They had previously lived in Chatham, moving there five years ago from Cambridge.

He is the owner of Total RE Investment Management. He manages both residential and commercial investment income properties, while also doing renovations and repairs. He has been in business for the past 29 years.

He has put his name on the ballot because he has seen democracy deteriorate in the last two years in our province and country.

“We are standing up for true democracy, full transparency and accountable government. We want recall of politicians who are not for the people. They can be recalled for not keeping their promises and lose their jobs and pensions. We want referendums on major issues to put the power back in people’s hands.”

Monte McNaughton, Progressive Conservative Party

Monte McNaughton, 45, has served as the MPP of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex since 2011 and this is his fourth election campaign. He is currently the Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development since 2019 and was first appointed to cabinet in 2018 as the Minister of Infrastructure.

He lives in Mount Brydges with his wife, Kate and is a father of one. He graduated from Westervelt College and the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario. He has previously been the president of the Strathroy Chamber of Commerce. He was born in Newbury, where his family owned a shopping centre.

“We are going to rebuild our economy coming out of the pandemic. We are working for workers. We are investing in key infrastructure and our plan is going to ensure Ontario remains open in the time ahead.”

Aaron Istvan Vegh, Ontario Party

Aaron Istvan Vegh is the Ontario Party candidate. The Ontario Party was established in 2018. It is a conservative right wing populist party with ties to right wing Christian groups, anti-vaccination advocates and organizers of the freedom convoy protests that took place earlier this year

“The Ontario Party will use all means at its disposal to ensure that no Ontario citizen can be compelled to commit an act, or communicate an idea, that directly contradicts their sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions deemed legal under the Criminal Code and protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Neither the provincial government, its affiliated bodies, nor those organizations that receive provincial government funding will be permitted to breach the conscience rights of a citizen.”


Blake Ellis, The Independent

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