Cannabis-induced psychosis on the rise in N.W.T. prior to legalization, says health dept.

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    "Cannabis-induced psychosis in the N.W.T. has more than quadrupled" - you have seen nothing yet, just wait a bit longer.
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    Frank Rizzo
    So, 9 cases over a 5-year period, oh my God we're doomed!!! Curious how they determine it's cannabis induced, as opposed to simply being predisposed to psychosis to begin with, while they just so happen to be using cannabis.
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    So Justins vote buying with legalizing pot downloads more cost on provincial infrastructure? Imagine my surprise?
    Like I was saying, we wont realize the implications for years if not decades. Just imagine how many calling in sick for gaming or simply too stoned to climb a ladder as the safety inspector likes to lurk around every corner/s. No one has even published a list of safe jobs for stoners yet. Everything is downloaded on the middle class Justin taxes like the wealthy.
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    Every time there is bad health news about pot, potheads automatically become ostriches and the 3 monkeys. It's as predictable as sunrise/sunset.
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    Cannabis laced with LSD or paint thinner might cause psychosis but not cannabis on it's own. Take a look at the group of people who are the test subjects and that should tell the whole story.
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    fake news lies
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    The Fact Jack
    "Psychosis, hallucinations", that is a load of #$%$. Reminds me of the movie Reefer Madness.
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    This is the stupidest thing Ive seen today!!! Go to Metro Toronto with a population of millions and find 5 cases of weed psychosis...I call this a reaction to Natives Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If its not in fact a media lie altogether!!!