Canned Chicken Is The Quicker Way To A Delicious, Beef-Free Burger

A chicken burger on wooden board
A chicken burger on wooden board - Bhofack2/Getty Images

When it comes to burgers, beef has always been the reigning star of the show. That doesn't mean you shouldn't venture out and explore new avenues with other ingredients, however. If you prioritize convenience and a hassle-free time in the kitchen, a change from beef's rich, savory taste, or perhaps just a red meat alternative, canned chicken might be a perfect choice.

Gone are the days when canned food equals lackluster flavors. It all depends on the brands, of course, but in canned chicken, you'll still find some of the white meat's most beloved features. Its relatively neutral taste and slightly salty edge offer a lighter take on burgers, one that allows endless creativity. With just how well chicken absorbs flavors, this mildness can be transformed into anything you want with a pinch of herbs and spices. From sweet, spicy, and savory to other flavor nuances, it lays the perfect ground for all kinds of personalized touches.

Much like most canned food, canned chicken barely requires any preparation — just pop it open, drain the water, and that's it. Since the meat is already cooked, you can keep the cooking time to a minimum when it hits the grill (or pan). Before you know it, the patties are all done. All that's left to do is stack all the ingredients together and your burger is good to go.

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Experiment To Your Heart's Content

Canned meat, a fork, bread slices, and garlic cloves
Canned meat, a fork, bread slices, and garlic cloves - Zia_shusha/Getty Images

If you're not a fan of the canned chicken's briny undertone, give it a good rinse to mellow it out. Just make sure to pat it dry afterward. When working with canned chicken, it's important to remove as much of the excess liquid as possible. This will ensure that the patties don't end up soggy or fall apart easily.

As for the burger mix, it requires pretty much all the same ingredients — eggs, flour, mayonnaise, chopped herbs, and some spices of choice. If you want to take it up a notch, sprinkle in shredded mozzarella or parmesan cheese for a melty, tangy bite. For those who like a kick of heat, take inspiration from Southern cuisine and pepper in chili powder, smoked paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, etc. Vegetables are also a good choice for diversifying both the taste and texture. Although onion, zucchini, and carrots are some of the most common choices, feel free to use whatever you want.

Once the patties have been assembled, you can take the extra step of coating them with breadcrumbs or cornflakes. This will give them a crispy exterior to playfully contrast the juicy, tender insides. Don't forget to play around with the sauces, as well. While ketchup certainly is a classic choice, incorporating other sauces like pesto, BBQ sauce, garlic aioli, marinara, etc. is the key to revamping the flavor profile for a brand-new eating experience.

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