‘Canstruction’ collects $17,000 worth of donations for Prince Rupert Salvation Army

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‘Canstruction’ wrapped up its holiday food drive raising more than $17,000 worth of food, toys, clothing and cash donations for the Salvation Army, on Dec. 23.

More than $10,000 in canned food donations were collected with the Salvation Army’s kettle racking up more than $5,000, with toys and clothing accounting for the rest of the donations.

The project’s goal was to build a lighthouse out of donated canned goods. With that accomplished handily, donations laid stacked on tables and in piles reaching toward the celling on its last day.

George Sebastian, founder and project organizer, was blow away by amount of donations, collecting far more than he had anticipated.

“The public has been very receptive,” Sebastian said. “We’ve have some big orders come in.”

People with donations large and small, usually after a shopping trip to Walmart, have contributed over the past three weeks.

“Some people came with shopping carts full of stuff, toys, and food and other people came with a little grab-bag,” Sebastian said. “Every little bit counts. It’s worth our time and effort to get this to the Salvation Army and get it out to families and people who need this.”

Humbled by the community’s response, Sebastian said he is happy to be in a position to help the community.

“It tells you that people love each other and they care for each other and they’re willing to share and be a family,” he said.

Next year, Sebastian plans, if he’s “still kicking,” to raise even more donations and build a grander project.

“I was thinking of taking this lighthouse and converting it into a tower and then build a second tower [to] build a castle,” he said.

Norman Galimski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Prince Rupert Northern View

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