CAO Barron saves the day for Huron Bay Estates subdivision

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An extension for the Huron Bay Estates phase 4 draft plan of subdivision was carried by Tay council at a recent regular meeting, allowing until 2027 for a lapse date on approval conditions.

“This is the followup report from January where council had granted an extension of three-months time in order for the group to get together and prepare a planning justification document in order to extend the draft plan approval further,” stated CAO Lindsay Barron at the meeting.

Within the report, staff recommended that an extension be granted for five years to the development. Previously, Tay council had been allowing for two-year extensions for phase 4 draft approval of the subdivision until the end of December in 2021.

“However, given the capacity constraints with our wastewater plant here in (Victoria Harbour), staff felt, as well as the planning consultant, that a five-year timeframe would be more feasible.”

In December, the developer Huron Bay Estates Corp. missed its opportunity to provide a report to council by the 2021 end-of-year deadline, which Barron took to grant an extra one-month extension for the following council meeting in January to keep the 30-year project alive.

The move, admitted by Barron as a slight overstep of CAO authority due to COVID-19 related reasons, prompted scrutiny from some council members but was passed by the majority of council for a late April deadline in preparing reports and confirmations for further extensions.

At the time, Mayor Ted Walker stated that without Barron’s proactive actions, “this development would be dead.”

During the recent meeting, significant changes to the conditions of the phase 4 draft plan approval of subdivision included not only the five-year extension, but also a consolidation of environmental stormwater pond management requirements.

Council passed the motion with ease.

The full Huron Bay Estates Corp. conditions for draft plan approval and extension request planning justification report can be viewed within the attached links for the regular meeting of council on the Tay Township website.

Tay council meets for regular council meetings every fourth Wednesday of the month. Further information including the council agenda can be found on the Tay Township website.

Derek Howard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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