New CAO updates Southwest Middlesex council

SOUTHWEST MIDDLESEX - New CAO Mike Henry laid out the plan for topics to be dealt with by council for the next couple months at the last meeting Feb. 22, some of which is being dealt with in closed sessions.

First was the state of River Road and Olde Drive. Henry said an engineer has started work on one. “And some concerns about the quality of work in the other. That will not be repaired until the weather is satisfactory regardless, so both of those reports will be coming to the April meeting if that’s OK with this council,” he said.

Next was the work from home and retention of staff policy during a time of turnover. “It’s not any secret we’re going to hit the reset button on that, but I’ll bring a report back formally to the April meeting on that,” said Henry.

Deputy Mayor Mike Sholdice’s motion for a report on comparing procurement with other municipalities is coming in March.

Land sales got a closed session report. There was also a municipal security discussion behind closed doors.

“There’s been some tumultuous things going on in the past few months, especially with trying to keep things aligned. But again, I’ll touch base on a couple of those as we’re able in closed, so be careful when we get there because we don’t want to stray too far from what we’ve got set on that closed agenda. But I’ll try talking to you as best I can,” said Henry.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner