Cape Breton man facing kidnapping, assault charges in home invasion

At 28-year-old Cape Breton man is facing a slew of charges, including kidnapping and assault with a weapon, after a home invasion outside of Sydney this weekend.

Cape Breton Regional Police were called to a break-in at a home in Northside East Bay at around 2 a.m. Saturday morning. When officers arrived, the found the man who owns the home injured after being assaulted.

In a news release, police said the man who broke into the home kidnapped a female and then drove off with her. 

Other officers who were on their way to the scene passed a car matching the description of the vehicle used in the kidnapping. Police then stopped and arrested the man driving the car and rescued the female, who was not injured. Police have not released her age.

Police said all three people know each other and this was not a random incident.

Paramedics checked out the homeowner's injuries but he didn't need to be taken to hospital. 

The accused man is scheduled to appear in Sydney provincial court on Monday to face charges of assault with a weapon, uttering threats, kidnapping, break and enter and mischief.