Capitals' Matt Niskanen leaves broadcaster hanging, awkwardness ensues

A disgusting epidemic continues to spread throughout the NHL.

It began with teammates missing the opportunity to give each other fist bumps earlier this season. Now, television broadcasters are being victimized by the ignorant and dehumanizing behaviour of the best hockey players in the world.

Frankly, it should be enough to make your stomach turn.

The most recent instance of a serious missed connection took place during a pregame interview between Matt Niskanen of the Washington Capitals and NBC’s Rob Carlin, the host of pregame and postgame shows for broadcasts involving the team.

After Niskanen gave his answer to Carlin’s final question, there was a bit of a pause. That’s when everything quickly fell apart.

Carlin attempted to avoid any awkwardness by presenting the chance for a handshake to occur between the two. Obviously, that’s not the most ideal way to finish off an interview, but it would have gotten the job done. However, at that point, it was clear that the broadcaster was in desperation mode and, sadly, the move bit him in the rear.

It’s almost too painful to watch.

The video is like a car accident: You don’t want to watch as you drive by, but once you have your eyes on it, you can’t look away.

Niskanen clearly didn’t notice the gesture, spinning 180 degrees and leaving Carlin to sit there with his arm outstretched. With his back against the wall and seemingly nowhere to go, he nailed the execution of precisely what had to be done in a moment like this — a Shooter McGavin-esque finger gun followed by a nervous thumbs up.

Just an incredible recovery.

Thankfully, Carlin’s a pro, so he took in all in stride and had a good chuckle over the whole thing. Now, instead of laughing at him, we can all feel better knowing that we are laughing with him.

This is the exact moment everything went wrong between Matt Niskanen of the Washington Capitals and NBC’s Rob Carlin. (Screenshot//NHL)

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