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Saturday 04, April

The planet of karma and power joins with Jupiter, the planet of expansion - and it's happening in your very own sign. This is not a minor thing, Capricorn - it only happens once every thirteen-years - you have not experienced anything like this in eons. This brings everything you feel, do, and are to a crucial moment of reckoning - and it will empower you in unfathomable ways.

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Friday 03, April

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money, moves into Gemini today, where she'll remain for a rare, long phase. This brings lots of sweetness to your work zone over the next few months, Capricorn. Just note that next month's retrograde could make things temporarily wonky.

Thursday 02, April

The Moon is in Leo starting later this afternoon, so the good news is that your low-energy cycle is almost over and you'll kick back into life soon. The even better news is that this should ease emotional intimacy and help bring you closer to your people - even if you're keeping physical distance.

Wednesday 01, April

The Moon is in your opposite sign as April begins, and this can be frustrating and draining, Capricorn. Your relationships can feel a bit tense, especially if you're around people that don't really see you and get you. Aim for interactions with those who support your life mission.

Tuesday 31, March

The planet of war meets up with the planet of rules today, and it's a clash of the Cosmic Titans, Capricorn. This energy is not remotely easy to deal with, and it's been building up for at least a week. The good news is that it peaks and releases today, and could help you feel a lot less worried about money in the next few weeks.

Monday 30, March

The planet of action and war finally leaves your sign, so any battles you've been having with yourself should now soften and end. It's been an intense six weeks but now you're ready to attack your financial goals with every bit of your energy - you're totally unstoppable, Capricorn.

Sunday 29, March

Work situations get confusing and messy. There are a lot of details that need attending to and yet there is just way too much disinformation turning everything into chaos. Step back and reassess when you have more facts than hyped-up emotional chatter in your inbox. You can discern the real truth.

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