Capybara contest: High Park Zoo wants you to name its new babies

The children of the city's favourite furry fugitives have reached another milestone in their young lives: they need names.

The group Friends of the High Park Zoo has announced a naming contest for the three young pups, who were born last month.

An online form requires a name and email address and has space to suggest names for all three of the babies.

Entrants may have to get creative with their suggestions, though. The zoo doesn't yet know the genders of the pups.

The deadline for submissions is May 3. From that list, staff will create a short list of names, which the public will be able to vote on beginning May 8.

The triplets' parents became two of the city's most famous residents last spring, when they spent weeks on the lam from authorities after breaking free from their pen. The caper earned them the nicknames Bonnie and Clyde.