Why did this car randomly leave a man in the middle of the road?

When your car drives off without you. Video still from Facebook

If you’ve spent any time on the road, you’ve probably encountered at least one moment that was enough to make you do a double take.

Australian man Peter Wheatley had one of those moments recently and uploaded dashcam footage of the incident that left him puzzled to Facebook on May 1.

The Internet did what it does best and tried to figure out exactly what happened.

In the short minute-long clip, the dashcam makes its way to a traffic light stop in Pakenham, Australia, with another vehicle in front of it. When a man gets out from the left front door of the vehicle to open the trunk (or the boot as the Aussies call it), the car takes off leaving the man awkwardly walking to the side of the road.

As steering wheels are on the right side of vehicles Down Under, a ghost taking over the car isn’t likely, but many have speculated that the man was either the victim of a car jacker or got his partner quite riled up.

But some people had some other ideas that were far more interesting.